Up until 31st of December 2016 we will be installing LED lighting for FREE worth £199 ! The light consists of many different colours LED and will be controlled by waterproof button.

Traditional Scandinavian Style Wooden Hot Tubs

For centuries people from around the world have indulged in the therapeutic bliss of soaking in wooden hot tubs, and have reaped the subsequent health benefits. These include improved circulation, reduced pain and the soothing of aching muscles. They provide the most relaxing and buoyant environment, allowing relief from conditions such as arthritis. The depth of the traditional Scandinavian wooden hot tubs allows full body submersion, meaning all over relief from ahces and pains.

Aside from all of the physical benefits which our Scandinavian Style hot tubs offer, they also offer a fantastic mental relief. Nothing else has the same ability to relax you. Bathing in one of our Scandinavian Style Wooden Hot Tubs allows all of your worries and stresses to gently float away in the serene bliss of your warm inviting surroundings. They offer a taste of luxury which cannot be equalled.


The excitement that comes with ordering a new product is often dampened by the hassle of delivery. With Wooden Spa Solutions this is not the case. We will not just dump your hot tub on the curb and make you fit it yourself. We place your hot tub in the exact spot you require and install it for you, meaning that you can be relaxing in your new hot tub or sauna in no time at all.


Soaking tubs come in a variety of shapes sizes and styles. The wooden hot Tubs can be customised both in shape, so you can be fitted in places with poor accessibility, and in specification, including with Jacuzzi jets.