Wooden hot tubs are not something new to the world. They have actually been around long before acrylic hot tubs were invented, which are those hard plastic ones. The ancient Romans first used wooden tubs to bathe and keep warm. In modern times, wooden hot tubs kind of disappeared from the marketplace for awhile after the plastic ones were invented. But now wooden tubs are finally making a comeback as a newer generation discovers how much more comfortable they actually are to be in. The only reason they went out of style in the first place is because wood tends to rot and requires more upkeep. However, there are now more wood cleaning solutions that prevent rotting than there ever were before. Solutions, like wood supplement oil and linseed oil, will keep up the freshness of the wood by preventing it from rotting. Wooden hot tubs are even cheaper than acrylic tubs, but still contain better quality material.
If you put a wooden hot tub outdoors then it will certainly blend better in woodsy settings. Not only that, but wood gives off a natural enchanting scent that will make you feel better. People say different woods give off different scents, which provide aromatherapy to those who breathe it in. The scents from the wood have been known to reduce stress levels and provide mental clarity. Also, when you soak in warm water you are increasing the number of white blood cells in your body, which will result in a strengthened immune system. So you don’t have to worry about getting sick outside from being in a wet environment. Your immune system will be stronger than ever if you soak regularly in an outdoor wooden hot tub.
The best part about wooden hot tubs is that it will save you money on your electric bill. There are certain versions of wooden hot tubs that let you use a fire stove to warm up the water. It is as simple as lighting wood on fire in your fireplace. The heat from the fire warms the water and creates a natural state of relaxation that you cannot get with any other kind of hot tub. People often describe this hot tub experience as being in a state of serenity. Your spiritual, physical and mental well being will be at ease when soaking in a wooden hot tub. So check out the latest wooden tub models online and don’t miss out on this amazing experience.

Wooden Hot Tub Wood Types

Wooden hot tubs are made out of various kinds of wood including teak, cedar and redwood. People generally have their own preferences as to which type of wood they want their tub to be made out of. Some people choose wood based on the particular scent and aromatherapy it provides. Others simply prefer the looks of certain wood and the durability of it over others. Whichever type of wood you choose, it will certainly be more attractive and natural looking than those plastic molded hot tubs. The best part is the wooden material generally costs as much as the plastic material, even though wood is stronger than plastic.
If you are looking for durability in your wooden hot tub then you should choose Siberian Larch for the tub’s wood material. Siberian Larch is a type of tree found in western Russia. The wood from this tree is very strong and hard to stain, which makes it the most perfect material for constructing a hot tub. With all the water and outdoor hazards that hot tubs are subjected to, you will need the strength of Siberian Larch to withstand it all. Even though this wood is more expensive than red cedar, it is still worth the investment. For one thing, you won’t have to do as much upkeep because the wood does not stain. Of course, you will still have to occasionally clean the bacteria from the water off the wood, but that is a minor job. Siberian Larch wood will generally stay good for 100 years. This means you can pass down your wooden hot tub to other family members so they can experience the thrill of the tub as well.
If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to Siberian Larch, then the two common choices are cedar and spruce. Cedar is said to be the cheapest wood material because it is less durable and may only last you 10 years. But if you religiously clean the wood and tend to the water, then you may get more years out of it. As for spruce, this is said to be the next best wood after larch. The aromatherapy generated from spruce is said to repel insects, clean skin, treat arthritis, relax the muscles and strengthen the immune system. Spruce wood also doesn’t get resin spots either. So if you maintain the wood then you could probably get at least a few decades out of the tub.

Difference Between Wooden Hot Tubs and Plastic Hot Tubs

There are two types of hot tubs you can purchase; acrylic and wooden. Acrylic is basically a molded plastic which comes preassembled before it is delivered to your house. The wooden hot tubs should be self explanatory because they are made out of tree wood. Plastic hot tubs are the most popular because they are cheaper to make and more heavily advertised by their manufacturers. However, the problem with purchasing a hot tub made out of such cheap material is that it is prone to forming cracks. Depending on the weight of the people who frequent the hot tub, too much weight over a long period of time can cause cracks in the plastic foundation. Then you could have water leaks and pieces of plastic mixing around in the water. But perhaps, the worst issue that people have with plastic tubs is all the chemicals that have to be put in the water. Hot tub cleansers and sanitizers are often toxic to the skin, which could create acne problems if you have sensitive skin.
So, is there an upside to plastic hot tubs? Some people find the water jets to be fun, but they really don’t improve the feeling of relaxation when you are in the water. To get this feeling, you need warmth and a pleasant aroma. This is why wooden hot tubs are still superior and are starting to get reestablished in the marketplace. Wooden hot tubs may seem a bit old fashioned, but they definitely have advantages over plastic tubs. For one thing, you have more leg room on the bottom than you do in plastic tubs. Plus, you can sanitize the hot tubs with linseed oil, which is a natural supplement that has no chemical additives. As long as you tend to your wood at least once a week, the hot tub will last for many years. Plastic tubs do not have the same guarantee. They will break whenever they have sustained too much damage from weather or consistent use. Wood is durable and can withstand more damage from these conditions.
Wooden tubs generally cost around $1000, whereas plastic hot tubs cost in the $3000 to $5000 range. Chances are the wooden tubs will last you a lot longer though. Even if you hire somebody to assemble the tub for you, the wooden tubs are easier to assemble as well. Best of all, they don’t require any electricity so you will save money on your power bill.

Assembling a Wooden Hot Tub

What is great about wooden hot tubs is that you can actually assemble them yourself. This is something you really cannot do with acrylic hot tubs because the plastic oval tub section needs to be molded in a factory. With wooden tubs, all you need to do is buy the wood pieces from a reputable hot tub dealer and you are good to go. Some of the pieces will already come together, like the wooden base. Hot tub suppliers will basically sell you a wooden hot tub kit with instructions on how to put it together. Basically, you just have to attach the wood staves together in the location you choose to place the tub. Since these self assembled wooden hot tubs are heated with a stove, you don’t have to hook up an electrical heater or anything like that. The only tools you will be dealing with are the staves, stainless steel stove, hammer, drill, screws, pliers, bands, wrench and a knife. These are all the tools and materials you will need. So, does it still sound scary to put it together yourself?
The first step is setting up the wood base in the location you want. This should already come preassembled if you bought it from a hot tub dealer. Once you set the base down, you will need to insert the wooden staves. These are basically the same thing wooden barrels have on the sides. What you do is place the staves around the perimeter of the base. You don’t have to nail or glue anything here. After you set the staves up, you wrap the steel bands around the staves to securely tighten them together. Next you have to attach the stainless steel stove, which is what creates the heat for the tub. You will have to cut two circular holes in one of the staves. The holes should be vertically six inches apart from each other. These are where the tubes from the stove will connect into the tub with the help of the silicon sealer.
Once you have the stove connected, you are pretty much done. Just fill up your tub with water about half way from the base. Now all you have to do is light a few pieces of wood on fire in the stove and watch the water heat up quickly. The assembly kit will give you specific instructions on all of this, but now you at least have an idea on how simple it can be to assemble your own hot tub.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

There are a few variations to the wooden hot tub models on the market. Some of the wooden tubs come with electric heaters just like acrylic tubs, but this generally uses up a lot of electricity. That is why the alternative heating solution is wood fired stoves. These kinds of wooden tubs do not require any electricity to heat the water. Instead, the hot tub uses a burning stove that gets placed either underneath the tub or on the outside of it. There are two connective pipes that go from the heater into the hot tub. When you want to start warming up the water in the tub, you place a few pieces of wood in the heater and light them on fire. As water from the tub flows into the heater from the bottom pipe, the water gets heated by the burning fire. Then the hot water flows back out of the top pipe and into the tub. This creates relaxing hot tub water that feels perfect.
Since there are no electronics or computers to control the heat, you won’t be able to set the exact temperature of the water by turning a knob. You have to manually control the heat by tending to the fire. If you let the fire get too intense then it will heat up the water more. To avoid this, just use small pieces of wood in the stove. Now because of the uniqueness of the heating process, you will likely find the water near the bottom of the tub a little colder than the top. To fix this problem you can use a paddle to stir the water around and mix up the temperatures together. That way you can have warm water in all areas of the tub.
Wood fired hot tubs can often be found in rural locations because they have more of an abundance of wood for the heater. If you live in the suburbs or some urban location then you will have to purchase all of your wood from a home improvement store. In rural locations, it is much easier to get your wood because you can just go out into the forest and chop up a few logs. This also saves you money as well. Since the wooden hot tub will blend better in rural environments, you should definitely consider getting a wood fired hot tub if you live in one.